Sonic Love Alchemy™ Mu Rising Retreat - Big Island 2024

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Aloha & Welcome Mu Rising | January 2-16 | Big Island, Hawaii ✧ Week 1: Sonic Love Alchemy™ Sound Akashic Awakening: Vision Quest (prerequisite for all other Sonic Love Alchemy Trainings) $1777 January 2nd- January 9th, 2024 ✧ Week 2: Sonic Love...

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Aloha & Welcome

Mu Rising | January 2-16 | Big Island, Hawaii

✧ Week 1: Sonic Love Alchemy™ Sound Akashic Awakening: Vision Quest (prerequisite for all other Sonic Love Alchemy Trainings)

$1777 January 2nd- January 9th, 2024

✧ Week 2: Sonic Love Alchemy™ Facilitator Training

$1777 January 10th, - January 16th, 2024

✧ Sonic Love Alchemy™ Facilitator Training Package (Week 1 & 2): $3333

**Discount if paid in cash. Accommodations & meals are not included in this price. Please find additional details below. 


Have a calling to give voice to that Spirit of the Earth? Sonic Love Alchemy™ Facilitator Training teaches how to clear your energy to shine your light and offer your mystic creativity as a service in the world. Whether Solo, 1-on-1, Group or Concert, learn to activate your unique codes & frequency as a Certified Sonic Love Alchemist! This course encourages all forms of creative expression! Whether your passion be Singing, Music, Poetry, Motivational Speaking, Divine Transmissions, Arts, etc. Amma Sophia Rose helps you to clear your conduit to allow your Authentic Soul Signature to come through and shine like never before!

This is a Shamanic Immersion - teaching in unconventional ways of an Indigenous wisdom-keeper! There is no hour-by-hour itinerary here! We flow with the teachings of Gaia. Offering many different tools to be a living embodiment of alchemical light. You will activate your Rainbow Light Body and become directly connected with your divine source through daily practices. These will help you raise your vibration and become a true Alchemist of spirit. You will spend time connecting with nature and learning rituals and ceremonies to help this become established.

You will also learn ways to clear your own lineage as you become super conscious, aware of your own energy field and how to become a conduit of pure divine love.

You’re tried of not being heard, you have so much to share, you have so much coiled in your DNA ready to birth a new paradigm! We can guide you to your full expression to unlock the freedom and confidence to shine your light. It is about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone in every aspect of your life.

We created this immersion because we know you hear the call - We believe that learning to trust your divine intelligence is experiential, and that the creativity that is essential for growing the next version of yourself comes from pushing yourself mentally and physically (you know - all that mind/body connection stuff… It’s real and it's truly multi dimensional!)

We believe (scratch that, we KNOW) that fear is the number one thing that holds people back in their expression, and we know that when you learn to work through fear, to face it head on and come out the other side alive, something inside you shifts forever. Your life, your perspective, your business changes. Your life changes. YOU change.

We created the Sonic Love Alchemy retreat because we not only want to teach you what is possible, we want you to experience it for yourself.

You will face the depth of your soul and begin to awaken to the truth and your Divinity and Alchemical abilities in conscious awareness. This will vibrate so deeply within you that you will be able to transmit this wisdom and frequency to others.

Let's learn on the land with Gaia as we weave sacred sound, voice, dance, breath & shamanic wisdoms to activate awakening and empowerment for yourself and others! Nestled in a beautiful paradise, this is your call to join Amma Sophia in her 2021 Sonic Love Alchemy™ Vision Quest & Facilitator Training. From the lineage of the Rose, Sophian traditions of the Goddess & timeless Indigenous Shamanic Ways ~ Learn how to sonically facilitate Soul Awakening ~ Activating the healer in yourself & others. Learning to be a conduit of truth & passionate soul expression!

Embark on the transformational Training to cleanse, clear, purify and activate through the tools and modalities of Sonic Love Alchemy™

Learn the tools of the trade from 10+ years experience of Amma Sophia Rose - The journey to becoming a renowned space holder for others in the journey of Awakening.

Week 1 Sonic Love Alchemy™Akashic Awakening: Intro to Sonic Love Alchemy (Prerequisite to all SLA Trainings)

Week 2 Sonic Love Alchemy™ Facilitator Training



Each module is 7 days with 2 days integrations between.

Each day is 9am - 6pm filled with teachings and experiential learning.

Daily Trainings will be held at a Private Location in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii 
    ✓    Week 1 Akashic Awakening (Sonic Alchemist Intro) is a required prerequisite to all trainings
    ✓    If Event is Cancelled Credit may be transferred to Rescheduled Retreats Dates, Products or Online Courses. 

We reserve the right to refuse service to those who do not honor our guidelines.

If you are…
✧ A creative being who wants to share your gifts with the world.
✧ Motivated to explore the depths of your consciousness and limiting belief systems!
✧ Want to create your own unique career in a rising field that has demand for qualified facilitators. (Sound!)
✧ Having issues with your Throat Chakra and Expression centers.
✧ Passionate lover of sound, music and the arts. Moved by the beauty of sound!
✧ Singer or Vocalist that wants pour the essence on your soul into your sound ... or you find yourself saying “I can not sing, I am not a singer, I am not creative..” but deep within you know this is untrue!
✧ Feeling stuck, stagnant, have low confidence, or are just generally unclear about where you want to focus your magic.
✧ Seeking clarity, for that which stirs deep within your DNA and ancestral lineages.
✧ Not afraid to get your hands dirty, stretch yourself, do things that scare you, and take leaps of faith.
✧ A self-realised Alchemist, Mystic, Shaman seeking to reclaim your medicine chants/songs/etc.
This is the right Journey for you!

By learning to live from the Passion within your Heart, the New Earth of Truth, Love & Beauty is manifested.

Not Included:
Flight to Location
Accommodations in Airbnb room or hotel

Double occupancy Glapming accommodations available for $45 per night.

Camping option available $25 per night includes all supplies.
Delicious and healthy meals will be provided for an additional cost of $750.
For specialized meals we will offer transportation to local store.
We will provide transportation to group excursions at Sacred sites.
Not include personal transport on island after class or on days off.
Does not include private with Amma and Cosmic Sophia ($222 discount rate)

Sonic Love Training & Manuals
Personal Vocal Activataion
Shamanic Drum
Rattle (how to make)
Feather smudge fan (how to make)
PDF manual
Blue Lotus oil
Andara Healing Crystal
Art Supplies for sacred geometry light codes
Student discount on crystal technology bowls and harps Etc.
Includes plant medicines and group sessions (blue lotus, cacao, SP, Tobacco Rapeh and tea Etherium ceremony.) (Instructions on how to prepare some of these items for ceremony)
Free meditations in Chi Aura Coil machine and personal crystal activations

Contact Amma Sophia for Free Consultation & Further Details ~

Photography by Lisa Stone UK




Shipping Charges are ADDITIONAL to the listed price of the bowl.

Custom orders (pre-order items) are NON-REFUNDABLE, but may be eligible for an exchange.

Additional charges at your local Customs may apply.

Each bowl is hand blown and custom made per order. No two bowls are exactly alike. Slight imperfections may occur during creation which is unavoidable as this is a very delicate difficult process. Imperfections may include bubbles and/or finish flaws. Our priority is to make sure your bowls are highest quality vibration in the sound resonance. Perfect pitch 432Hz or 440Hz. Please understand it is the nature of the process of creating these Divine beings.

The sizes can vary by 0.5"- 0.85". Our priority is to make sure the pitch is perfect, which is why the size can vary slightly.

For Chalices, the handle/stem to bowl ratio may vary.

If you're ordering from a foreign country, be aware there may be customs charges upon arrival. It is a good idea to check with your country's agreements.


How long until I receive my bowl?

If you are ordering a 'Pre-Order' item, expect 8-10 weeks for delivery. Once we have confirmed your order & received payment -- the creation process begins. Once we receive the piece from our artisans, we activate them in our temples. This journey can take up to 8 weeks to complete.

We then ship the bowl directly to you which can take an additional 1-2 weeks. Please note this is a timely process. We are dedicated to delivering quality healing tools.

Why is shipping not calculated right away?

Once your bowl is created, we do our best to keep shipping & handling prices as low as possible -- after activating your CRYSTAL Bowl we do our best to economically ship your fragile crystal bowl. Each order is manually hand processed.

Why do I have to Pre-order?

Our bowls and accessories are made to order. We work closely with our team to create Divine instruments upon your request. If you would like to buy a chalice or bowl that we already have in stock (limited styles/quantities), please check our In-Stock items here. You will need to click through the variations to find the one that is in-stock. If the buy button reads 'Add To Cart', you'll know it is in-stock and available to ship right away.

What if the bowl breaks during shipping?

In the rare case your CRYSTAL bowl arrives broken, please take a photo of the broken bowl in it's packaging and inform us right away. Your bowl will be re-created and shipped as soon as we can. However, if your bowl breaks after arrival we are not liable.

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