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Lemuria Dreaming ⋆ Aqua Lemuria ⋆ Venusian Hathor Pink ⋆ Lemurian Seed Crystal ⋆ White & Pink Etherium ⋆ Monatomic Andara Alchemy™

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*.·:·.☽Lemuria Dreaming⋆✧☾.·:·.*

An alchemical fusion of the Lemurian dimension

Aqua Lemuria Andara ⋆ Venus Hathor Pink Andara ⋆ Lemurian Seed Crystal ⋆ White Gold & Pink Etherium

✧ Aqua Lemuria ~ Connection to the whales, dolphins and mer-nations. Manifesting through sacred sound and emotion purification.

✧ Venusian Hathor ~ Divine Mother union within the Heart & Womb. Highest vibrations of holy bliss & sacred Love.

✧ Lemurian Seed Crystal ~ 5D+ Teachings of harmonious living with all of creation. The eternal knowing of the Cosmic Tantra & interweaving of all that is and all that ever shall be.

✧ Pink & White Gold Etherium increase flow of energy to the heart center promoting union within our physical, mental & emotional being. Balances the hemispheres of the brain and promotes peace, focus and mind-body integration. Alchemises grief & sorrow into acceptance / anger & jealousy into forgiveness. Activating telepathic connection with others and the awareness of the psycho-spritual play behind 3D reality. Pink Etherium helps us accept this current incarnation & trust the unfoldment of the Divine Plan.


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