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Earthing Set ✧ Heaven on Earth Series

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Earthing Set ⋆ Heaven on Earth Collections by Eeshi'ra Hart & Amma Sophia Rose

This set of 2 flat bowls and 1 stemmed handheld Christ chalice bowl enables us to tune in with the special master frequency of Christ and the Yang and Yin vibrations of the Earth – The Schumann and the Geomagnetic to reset the body’s natural connection with the Earth.  The body needs both the Schumann and the Geomagnetic to be in balance.  The Christ chalice activates and harmonises on every level.  Benefits may include:

EMF Protection from our technology

Increasing melatonin production to scavenge free radicals from EMF radiation in our cells

Reducing stress, fatigue and imbalance

On a neurological, cardiac, and reproductive level

Enhancing cellular growth

Increasing immune protection and boosts immunity

Uplifting our mood

Balancing metabolism, body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing, sleep-wake cycles, hormone levels etc

Improving brain reaction times

Increasing blood flow to the brain and limbs

Deepens meditation

Helpful for Parkinson’s disease and insomnia

Tissue regeneration

Stimulates ATP production in the cells with possible anti-ageing benefits

Directly linking to 432Hz musical tuning and its harmonics and the solfeggio 528Hz frequency

This set of 3 bowls is available as clear crystal bowls or lovingly infused with precious monatomic elements.


All Products take 4-6 weeks to complete. This wait time may be extended due to Cov-19.