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Crystalline Technology Training - Kaua'i Hawaii



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March 19-23
$777 with purchase of product (this includes those who have bought in the past)
$999 without purchase

Learn to how to use your Crystal bowls, pyramids and crystal harp to create magical sound scapes for Sound Alchemy.

You will learn the power of how the different types of crystal Monoatomic alchemy, bowls, pyramids, harps Hertz, BioScalar light photon and frequencies matter.

How to work with different combinations of bowls and notes to create deep relaxation for healing of the body, mind,emotions and spirit.

Learn and experience the benefits of our new BioScalar light photon Technology.

Enjoy daily sound baths.

Awaken your inner Crystaline vocal toning alchemy.

How to create multi dimensional soundscapes using a combination of crystal instruments which brings your voice alive.

We launch online with course soon.

(Stay tuned in)

We will have our first live playshop in Kauai at the Crystal Lemurian Temple March 19-23

It is a walk in class. Daily from 10am-5pm bring your lunch for hour break.$777 with purchase of product (this includes those who have bought in the past)$999 without purchase

We will have bowls and tools ranging from $200-$3333You can buy frosted sets or combination of basics. Special Discount offers on instruments if you pre-order. Or if you already have your own bowls, I will teach you how to create the best sound scapes with what you have.

So excited to share the magical Alchemical beauty way of Sonic Bowl Alchemy!


Amma Sophia 🌹

All Products take 4-6 weeks to complete. This wait time may be extended due to Cov-19.