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Andara Yoni Egg - Gaia Emerald Green

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Monatomic Etherium Volcanic Lemurian Obsidian Andara Yoni Eggs from the Andara Love Alchemy Collection created and activated by Amma Sophia Rose.

༺ Gaia Emerald Green Stone Heart of Tefifi is the Abundance of Gaia.  She helps us to truly recognize in a full embodiment we are a part of her Divine Creation.  Where all abundance and creations come from the Earth.  This stone color comes from light green to deep dark green.  Connecting to the heart of the Mother Earth by connecting our hearts and our womb.  We find more joy in our creative expression and confidence to share it with the world.   Activating our creativity and artistic expression.  Walking the path of beauty from the heart.  And creating through joy and love.

༺ Andara Yoni Eggs are beautiful tools for womb ascension Andara Obsidian has been one of the most magical stones, I personally have ever worked with. It is known to carry the properties of the Feminine Diamond Light.

The greatest gift of these beings is to help us to pierce through the veils of illusion to get to the heart of the truth. Although each person’s personal truth is different. The universal truth is the same. When we work with the Diamond Light Andara Obsidian we are able to truly connect to our creation center beyond the indoctrination of the Maya or illusion.

༺ What makes them special?
Forged from the purification of the waters and passion of fire, what makes these obsidian stones so special is the Etherium or Prima Mantra found in the land where the Volcano resides in Indonesia. A place known by the people as the oldest Temple of Lemuria. Located in Sumatra and Java in the areas of Indonesia where the Ring of Fire is alive. There are several live volcanos which go into the ocean. The different colors of Andara Obsidian are created with the rich Etherium Gold Ormus mineral land, cooled by the ocean which creates the different colors. Obsidian has been known to clear illusions and to pierce through the veils to see pure truth with clarity. The Ring of Fire is known as the Heart of the Earth. The pulsing of the veins of our Great Mother Gaia. These stones are also known as the Children of Pele. As Goddess Pele awakens the world through her fires of transformation so does our awakening occur as Daughter of the Mother. These Yoni Eggs and Wands are sacred tools for us to come fully in communion with our Mother. From her Womb to ours we become one.

༺ Who are they for?
These products are for those who are ready to see beyond the veil of illusions with Diamond Light Clarity. Upon awakening or sexual power, what is it that we do next? In working with these stones in combination with Sacred Sound, intention, breath, voice, somatic movement and yoni practices you will awaken aspects of your dormant gifts and abilities which have been yearning to be expressed. This system given by Divine Mother to Amma Sophia Rose is specific to using these Diamond Light Eggs of illumination. As she has been living in the field with the Andaras for over 15 years. Receiving the Diamond light frequencies and guided by the Heart and Womb of the Mother Gaia and Pele herself. Residing in the Ring of Fire all her life she has learned to live and walk in the presence of the Diamond Light of Love

༺ Way of the Tigress
Yoni Eggs have been used in ancient cultures of the Tao practices for hundreds of years by the Chinese White Tigress culture to strengthen and tone the muscles of the feminine reproductive system. They help to awaken the sensations and bring blood flow and Chi to awaken our sensual pleasure. As we awaken our Chi or life force in this area we can also awaken our creation center more consciously. As you begin to work with the Andara Yoni Egg system you will expand on the basic practices of Yoni Eggs and Wands to work more specifically with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our multidimentional creative being. These eggs will also work with you in your dreamtime and unconscious patterns. Helping you to access your Akashic Records through dreamtime and vocal awakening. These Eggs are an advanced practice which requires a commitment and devotion to growth and a shift in consciousness. To release the victim programming and become the Creatress of your Divine Inheritance fully embodying your Womb Wisdom. As the Diamond light pierces through the Womb, we are faced with the truth of our own internal Universe. The phrase, So is above is below and so is within is without, takes on a whole new meaning through inner standing of true womb sovereignty. Meaning the center of our womb is our creation center from where all life begins. Our Womb holds the Universe within. As we connect to her with these practices she awakens us to the next level of our inner standing of being a creatress and daughter of the Mother Earth.
*Due to the organic nature of the stone, colors may vary from photos*
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