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24K Gold Butterfly Inlay Chakra Set

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This 7 bowl chakra set is infused with White Gold Monoatomic Etherium and 24 karat Golden Butterflies.   The power of the butterfly is symbolic symbol of the journey of transformation. Each time you invoke the power of prayer within these bowls, all who hear them will receive the gift of moving from lower dense energies to higher vibrational frequencies.  Each Bowl is custom created and activated with Bioscalar technology and PrimaMantra Etherium which is also known as "God Essence in Form"   As we transform from our carbon base density to our crystalline essence we are working with sound and light as our guide.  These bowls are truly alive with the mana of the Islands of Hawaii.
All Products take 4-6 weeks to complete. This wait time may be extended due to Cov-19.