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Sonic Love Alchemy

We are focused on the Purity of Ethics and Quality of Sound. Our crystalline products are multidimensional in nature as they go through an activational process with Monatomic Godessence Particle Alchemy and Vocal Invocation of the Cosmic Crystalline Womb by Amma Sophia Rose and fellow Sound Masters.

Did you know?

There are numerous factories offering suspiciously low price points and large quantities of gold & crystal minerals ~ Economically, this is possible because of unethical labour procedures, exploitation of Peoples and the Planet. It is our commitment to be of utmost integrity and purity with the energy behind our Crystal products. Working closely with our manufacturer for ethical creation of our crystalline instruments. 
Amma Sophia Rose founder of Sonic Bowl Alchemy has been a Crystal and Sound therapist for over 20 years. Her journey began when the mineral kingdom started to awaken her in 2001. As a jewery designer she began to hear the spirit of the stones speak to her.   
This started a life long love with Crystals. The admiration grew into a study of Crystal Therapy and Technology. Following the guidance of the Earth having never sung before through the voice of the Earth,  Amma followed the Earth grids to sacred sites all over the world. After deep initiations into crystaline Earth Grid medicine she recievd a Diamond Light vocal transmission from Gaia Sophia herself.  As the Mother released a dove into Amma's 3rd eye she began to sing the Sophian Codes. These codes sounded like a symphony of crystal singing bowls. With many octaves and intonations the gift of her voice awakened.  Amma has now inspired the awakening in the voice  of thousands she has shared with all over the world. Through these crystaline multidimensional intonations. 
She was guided to continue to work with the Earth grids to activate the creative womb centers on the planet and within the people.  Both Female and Male could receive these Sophian Codes. The only requirement was a pure heart and diamond light integrity.  The Mother Gaia Sophia instructed Amma Sophia to work with the crystaline energies to produce crystal technology which could transform humanity from a carbon life form to a crystaline life form.   
This would open the gateways between Heaven on Earth and the Sonic midwives would be activated to birth the New Earth Frequencies. The Womb Chalice Grail was created to activate the awareness of the sacred remembering of the Goddess. And how we are all birthed through the portal of the Feminine, and as we return back to our source we can access the sounds of the Universe.   
It is within us all and the awakened creative frequencies within begin to allow the limitless possibilities of our being.   They also help us to live in harmony with all life around us.  
Working with crystal bowls for many years Amma, found a lot of limitation within the frequency. Because her voice is so advanced as a vocal Alchemist tuned to the frequency of Gaia Sophia she needed to be able to create the perfect combination of sound, Alchemy, quality and hertz. Through her studies with the top sound therapist, scientist, mystics and shamans on the planet she dove into the universe of harmonics. Through this vast experience when guided to bring these Crystal bowls through she was able to truly co-create products which can convey the intricacies of her voice.  And teach others how to access these intonations within themselves.   
Amma Sophia's main objective is to help her brothers and sisters attune to Mother Gaia Sophia and the Universal Logos.  Each bowl carries the rays of Divine light through ancient Universal Codes of Sophia, Sacred Geometry Genetic Key Code Alchemy, The Mother's of Creation, and the Monoatomic minerals.  Also known as the God Particles found in nature herself, are used to create these bowls to bring forth a unique frequency. 
The magic within these sacred crystal beings is pure love. The Monoatomic minerals cut through the veils of illusion with diamond light clarity and the frequency can not be manipulated. They are of the Diamond Light Ray.   So when you work with your Sacred bowl it is a teacher which helps you to awaken your birthing potential.  Within your aligned intention of the heart.  
There are no gimmicks or false claims simply listen to the voice of Amma Sophia and some of her students world wide and you will feel the frequency.  
Our focus is first and foremost to align with our sacred Mother Earth.  Second is to educate and support you to be in harmony with the sounds of the universe. 
Many of the artists who provide the  sacred art are Visionary Alchemist, Sonic Alchemists, and Mystics of Gaia Sophia/Logos.  
It is from here in our devoted presence to the highest calling we serve you to awaken your voice, creativity and Consciousness.  Our company is always striving to bring you the highest frequencies available.   
Here is a free Mp3 of Amma Sophia and Sundari Ma Aleph "Cosmic Lullabies"  to give you an example of the Mother Goddess frequencies.  
Each bowl is activated and created with the intention to hold you in the arms of love through the sounds of the universe.  
Amma Sophia 🌹 and the Sonic Bowl Alchemy Angels.   

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