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Divine Blueprint Set ✧ Heaven on Earth Series

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Divine Blueprint Set ⋆ Heaven on Earth Collections by Eeshi'ra Hart & Amma Sophia Rose

This set of 6, 9 or 18 Zobet/Divine Blueprint bowls transmits the divine light language and fractal codes of creation or Divine Logos found everywhere in the Universe, the Earth and right down to an atomic level.  Resonate with the true Holy Grail and these Bible codes that express the sacred geometry of 3, 6 and 9, also found in the Keys of Enoch.  When played in specific pairs of frequencies to give a special master frequency, they can also support our journey of ascension and planetary evolution as they tune us in with our divine solar/Christ consciousness and unify the microcosm of our body with the macrocosm.  Benefits may include:

Clearing out any fear-based consciousness

Deep relaxation, meditation, decreasing stress & anxiety

Clearing miasms/blocks or disharmony in the energy field

Rebalancing our energy centres & boosting energy flow

Harmonising at a physical & cellular level (e.g. bones, DNA)

Uplifting our mood, creating positive change & improved self esteem

Promoting a deeper internal focus

Rebalancing the hemispheres of the brain, enhancing mental focus & memory

Beneficial for learning difficulties

Taking the brain out of a fight, flight and/or freeze response

Activating the 3rd eye/pineal

Activating deeper love (empathy) for self and others

Resetting and revitalising our whole system & overall wellbeing

Pain relief

Beneficial for autism, ADHD, neuro-degenerative disorders, environmental toxicity, strokes, bipolar, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, auto-immune, alcoholism etc.

Awakening us more deeply to our Christ/Buddha/Krishna consciousness

Tuning us in with unity

Detoxifying at a physical and energy field level (set of 9 or 18 frequency 108 Gamma Code set – please specify at checkout)

Stimulating muscles and healing (set of 9 or 18 frequency 108 Gamma Code set – please specify at checkout)

Increasing compassion, perception, consciousness and feelings of happiness (set of 9 or 18 frequency 108 Gamma Code set – please specify at checkout)

This set of bowls is available as clear crystal bowls or lovingly infused with precious monatomic elements.  Please indicate your choice at the point of checkout.

All Products take 4-6 weeks to complete. This wait time may be extended due to Cov-19.