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Lemuria Dreaming ⋆ Aqua Lemuria ⋆ Venusian Hathor Pink ⋆ Lemurian Seed Crystal ⋆ White & Pink Etherium ⋆ Monatomic Andara Alchemy™


*.·:·.☽⋆✧Lemuria Dreaming⋆✧☾.·:·.* An alchemical fusion of the Lemurian dimension Aqua Lemuria Andara ⋆ Venus Hathor Pink Andara ⋆ Lemurian Seed Crystal ⋆ White Gold & Pink Etherium ✧ Aqua Lemuria ~ Connection to the whales, dolphins and mer-nations. Manifesting through sacred...

Heart of Gaia ⋆ Gaia Emerald Green & Pink Etherium ⋆ Monatomic Andara Alchemy™


Featuring Andara Alchemy™ and Monatomic Etherium Technology™ this Gaia Green Andara is the abundance for all. Heart awakener helps us to attune to the frequency of Mother Earth in co-creation.   Prices start $1222USD  Please contact us for consultation process  

Hathors of Venus ⋆ Pink Etherium ⋆ Monatomic Andara Alchemy™


Amma Sophia Rose has created a collection of Authentic Andaras Chrystal singing bowls featuring Monatomic Andara Alchemy™ and Monatomic Etherium Technology™. Experience the alchemical union of Authentic Andaras and 99.9% pure Quartz Crystal. A potent sonic combination! Giving voice and resonance to the cosmic frequency of the Andareans who...