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Divine Love © ⋆ Eternity's Embrace ⋆ Genetic Key Code Alchemy™


  Genetic Key Code Alchemy™  Featuring the Genetic Key Code of  Divine Love ©   Available in: F note - Heart Chakra F# note - High Heart Thymus which connects to the High Heart Energy. Angel Aura Quartz is quartz...

Hathor ⋆ Venusian Sonic Masters ⋆ Grail Chrystal Singing Bowl


The frequency of Hathor embodied in crystallised Light. Love, fertility, beauty, music, dance, motherhood, childbirth and joy.  This incredible 24K Gold-dipped Quartz Crystal Bowl assits in opening channels of Flow: artistry, dance, music, nurturance, creativity, etc.  Gold is a frequency of absolute empowerment....

Elemental Joy ⋆ Let Your Heart Sing ⋆ Chrystal Singing Bowl


The playfulness of the Fairies & Hummingirds. Proving the impossible -- possible. Healing the delicate hearts we hold, transformation & transmutation through Joy and expression. The evolution and ascension of the butterfly people. Sining with the birds, humming with the bees,...