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1000 Arm Kuan Yin ⋆ Bodhisattva of Compassion ⋆ Goddess Grail


  ༻1000 Arm Kuan Yin༺ Goddess of Service, Mercy, Forgiveness & Compassion Her vibrations are perfect for gentle release. Carrying the flames to help us burn through illusions that keep us bound to karmic cycles. Manifestation of the Divine Mother serving mankind...

Divine Abundance © ⋆ FreedOhm of Creation ⋆ Genetic Key Code Alchemy™


  FreedOhm of Creation  Genetic Key Code Alchemy™  by AhnéYah Sophia with the design of  Divine Abundance ©     Available in Notes: C - Root, C# - Root/Sacral, & F - Heart Quartz Chrystal Chalice or Bowl dipped in 24k Gold.    Advanced tube...

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