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Sophology™ Chrystal Chalice ⋆ Invoking Sophia Shekina ⋆ Higher Self Embodied


  ༻Sophology™༺ As we awaken the inner Sophia Higher Self with this Chrystal Grail Chalice made of Angel Aura Platinum and Pink Etherium with the Sophology (symbol representing the Holy Spirit Mother/Father God/dess Sophia Logos) we become in tune with the living wisdom of Gaia Sophia and Cosmic...

Hathor ⋆ Venusian Sonic Masters ⋆ Grail Chrystal Singing Bowl


The frequency of Hathor embodied in crystallised Light. Love, fertility, beauty, music, dance, motherhood, childbirth and joy.  This incredible 24K Gold-dipped Quartz Crystal Bowl assits in opening channels of Flow: artistry, dance, music, nurturance, creativity, etc.  Gold is a frequency of absolute empowerment....

Triple Moon Lotus of Purity ⋆ Infinita Amare ⋆ Goddess Ascension


  Available in: A# note - Third Eye Chakra B note - Crown Chakra F note - Heart Chakra Aqua Aura Quartz is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing 24k Gold with heat and vacuum to give it its angelic...

Elemental Joy ⋆ Let Your Heart Sing ⋆ Chrystal Singing Bowl


The playfulness of the Fairies & Hummingirds. Proving the impossible -- possible. Healing the delicate hearts we hold, transformation & transmutation through Joy and expression. The evolution and ascension of the butterfly people. Sining with the birds, humming with the bees,...

Divine Love © ⋆ Eternity's Embrace ⋆ Genetic Key Code Alchemy™


  Genetic Key Code Alchemy™  Featuring the Genetic Key Code of  Divine Love ©   Available in: F note - Heart Chakra F# note - High Heart Thymus which connects to the High Heart Energy. Angel Aura Quartz is quartz...

1000 Arm Kuan Yin ⋆ Chrystal Grail Singing Bowl


  ༻1000 Arm Kuan Yin༺ Goddess of Service, Mercy, Forgiveness & Compassion Her vibrations are perfect for gentle release. Carrying the flames to help us burn through illusions that keep us bound to karmic cycles. Manifestation of the Divine Mother serving mankind...