Andara Faceted Pendants

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  Monatomic Andara Pendants Our Andara Round Pendants are made with precious Obsidian that each carry their own healing energy and benefit. The colors of the Obsidian have been carefully chosen to invoke different energetic properties, offering a specific type...

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Monatomic Andara Pendants

Our Andara Round Pendants are made with precious Obsidian that each carry their own healing energy and benefit. The colors of the Obsidian have been carefully chosen to invoke different energetic properties, offering a specific type of healing depending on the pendant chosen.
Gemini Pendants or those that feature two colors can offer double the spiritual renewal or clearing.

Aqua Lemuria Andara-  Activates the throat and the high heart, allowing one to speak from the heart. Connected to the Ocean Mother allowing one to flow with the rhythms of life. Aqua Helps with manifestation through sacred sound, activating one's paranormal abilities, opening the channel to speak the language of light. This color is the most connected to Lemurian consciousness. Shades of Aqua Lemurian Andara vary.

Dark Purple Andara-Extremely potent and effective in accessing your ultimate power, without restrictions or restraints. Enabling you to pass between any and all worlds enlightened and free.

Gold or Yellow- Is connected the Solar Plexus to help awaken the inner Divine Light of your Christ Consciousness. It awakens the person to shine in the inner Solar Ray of Light, illuminating your Divine will not self-will. Allowing one to open the presence of your inner truth. Releasing the fear of being too much and dimming ones light to make others comfortable. It reminds us to be the candle of light in the darkness. Gold pierces through the veils of illusion to see yourself as you truly are. 

Gaia Green- Tap into the wisdom of the Emerald Isle. Emerald is the color of the deep, verdant forest, invoking our inner world of sacred insights and unlocking a frequency of Heaven on Earth. Connected to the Heart of Gaia, the Green Andara helps manifest balance with the Earth while teaching us unconditional love, compassion, and beauty. Experience the abundance of Mother Earth and expand in consciousness from the heart.

 The Magenta infuses your life with the serene energy of Mary Magdalene, empowering you with the grace and strength to navigate life's chaos.

Lilac or Lavender Surrounds you in the loving embrace of Quan Yin. Giving you the vision to see the truth with a clear mind while allowing you the compassion to see through another’s perspective. Helping you to make the most aligned decisions for your highest and greatest growth through grace and ease.

 Pink resonates at a higher heart octave, awakening the selfless, divine energy of the “Cosmic Heart” freed from all judgments. Pink promotes Unconditional Love and Compassion, while opening the Heart Chakra to find forgiveness within oneself to allow yourself to receive the love you are. Works to open self-love and self-healing with grace and joy.

Red and Orange are the colors of flame, with a hue of red and gold, representing Sacred Knowledge and Divinity. Red Actualizes the move to self-realization. The Fire of the Divine burns through all old energies and old patterns bringing you a clear and balanced body, mind, and spirit. The Fire Andara is under the guidance of Babaji who closely oversees and guides all who take on energy purification and balancing through this stone. A profound connection to the Goddess Pelé brings an honoring of the Goddess and the clarity of deep spiritual value in the Divine that lies within you.

Isis Blue is the stone of Sovereignty and Universal Truth. This stone goes from the light tanzanite blue to the dark cobalt blue. It is an air element which connects the 3rd Eye and Womb. It is connected to the Blue Ray of Universal Truth. In our reality we have many ways of perceiving truth but, the universal truth is aligned with the higher wisdom of creation. The ability to see from a birds eye view. Through the stone we begin to see with our inner vision the Aka cords or energy cords which connect all of creation.





Shipping Charges are ADDITIONAL to the listed price of the bowl.

Custom orders (pre-order items) are NON-REFUNDABLE, but may be eligible for an exchange.

Additional charges at your local Customs may apply.

Each bowl is hand blown and custom made per order. No two bowls are exactly alike. Slight imperfections may occur during creation which is unavoidable as this is a very delicate difficult process. Imperfections may include bubbles and/or finish flaws. Our priority is to make sure your bowls are highest quality vibration in the sound resonance. Perfect pitch 432Hz or 440Hz. Please understand it is the nature of the process of creating these Divine beings.

The sizes can vary by 0.5"- 0.85". Our priority is to make sure the pitch is perfect, which is why the size can vary slightly.

For Chalices, the handle/stem to bowl ratio may vary.

If you're ordering from a foreign country, be aware there may be customs charges upon arrival. It is a good idea to check with your country's agreements.


How long until I receive my bowl?

If you are ordering a 'Pre-Order' item, expect 8-10 weeks for delivery. Once we have confirmed your order & received payment -- the creation process begins. Once we receive the piece from our artisans, we activate them in our temples. This journey can take up to 8 weeks to complete.

We then ship the bowl directly to you which can take an additional 1-2 weeks. Please note this is a timely process. We are dedicated to delivering quality healing tools.

Why is shipping not calculated right away?

Once your bowl is created, we do our best to keep shipping & handling prices as low as possible -- after activating your CRYSTAL Bowl we do our best to economically ship your fragile crystal bowl. Each order is manually hand processed.

Why do I have to Pre-order?

Our bowls and accessories are made to order. We work closely with our team to create Divine instruments upon your request. If you would like to buy a chalice or bowl that we already have in stock (limited styles/quantities), please check our In-Stock items here. You will need to click through the variations to find the one that is in-stock. If the buy button reads 'Add To Cart', you'll know it is in-stock and available to ship right away.

What if the bowl breaks during shipping?

In the rare case your CRYSTAL bowl arrives broken, please take a photo of the broken bowl in it's packaging and inform us right away. Your bowl will be re-created and shipped as soon as we can. However, if your bowl breaks after arrival we are not liable.

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