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Sekhmet ⋆ Fierce Divine Mother ⋆ Goddess Grail


✦༻ Sekhmet ༺✦ Available in Note: E - Solar Plexus ⋆ Fierce Divine Mother   Sa Sekhem Sahu Sa is the divine breath, the spirit that breathes through all that is. Sekhem means power, and Sahu is the fully realized human being, the...

Divine Empowerment © ⋆ Ignite Your Purpose ⋆ Genetic Key Code Alchemy™


Ignite Your Purpose Genetic Key Code Alchemy™  with the design of  Divine Empowerment ©    Available in Notes: E - Solar Plexus & F - Heart Quartz Crystal Chalice dipped in Ethically Sourced 24k Gold.   Advanced tube torus design creates...