Sonic Bowl Alchemy

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Sonic Crystalline

5d BioScalar Etherium Activated Crystal Singing Bowls

Sonic Love Alchemy

Training & Workshops to facilitate a Sonic Love Alchemy

Sophology: Women's Womb Wisdom

Walk the Beauty Way ~ Teachings of the Divine Mother

BioScalar Crystal Instruments

High frequency Monatomic Etherium & Tesla Technology Activated

Sonic Alchemy Classes & Retreats

Learn to be a Sonic Love Alchemist ~ Heart Transparency

Sophology™ Womb Wisdom

Sophianic Teachings of the Divine Feminine & Mother Earth

New Collection

The Sophianic Set is a new Collection that came to Amma Sophia Rose in dreamtime. A sonic healing embraces of the Divine Mother, Angels and Elements. A specific union of 432hz Quartz Crystal, Pink Monatomic Etherium, Venusian Pink Andara, Gold Symbol of Shekinah Rose & Dove all Activated in a 5D BioScalar Field.


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